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Door Entry Systems Telephone / Intercom

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Pancode & Pantel North Supply Door Entry Systems

The Pantel is a proven design that allows visitors to your premises to communicate via the existing telephone system to staff within the building. On pressing the call button 2 way speech is possible between the visitor and the operator who can then activate a door release by pressing the pre programmed button on the telephone system to allow the visitor access into the premises. Connects to a regular telephone exchange and allows speech and door control through telephone handsets. Connection via standard analogue extension port supporting DTMF signalling. Simple programming of unit extension to be dialled, ring duration, lock release time and door release digit via DTMF digits. Options include surface or flush versions and operation with standard security hardware or access control equipment.

By pressing the call button on the Pancode the unit behaves in the same manner as the Pantel unit. It has an integral keypad which allows for staff access into the building enabling access without the need to contact the operator. Operates and options available as Pantel unit plus additional features :- Enables staff access via integral keypad. Allows direct dialling of known extensions.

PANCODE IP  and  PANTEL IP - VOIP -  Door Entry - Systems

IP Door Access Units.
As more organisations are recognising the benefits that VOIP can offer, we are pleased
to introduce a new range of IP based Door Access control units.
In addition to offering the standard site centric Door Access Control features, the new IP
range allow users operating in an IP environment the ability to have remote access via
the network or internet, making them more accessible and convenient to use.
Features: Communicate with visitors to your premises via any IP handset on you

GSM Cellular Door Entry Systems Pancode GSM / Pantel GSM

Door or Gate Intercom Systems with lock release using GSM Cellular SIM Cards with no landline or PBX

Door Entry Systems for IP / VOIP Telephone Systems

Door Entry System for IP / VOIP Telephone Systems

Kalika Ulydor Door Entry Systems

Ulydor modular door phones
Ulydor is our market leading modular door phone entry system.
It can be programmed to dial any number or hunt group at the push of a button when connected to either a PBX telephone system or via a GSM gateway and with its 2 built-in relays can be used to remotely open doors, gates, control cameras, lights etc.

Ulytel Ulydor Modular PBX Door Entry System

Modular PBX door entry system enables the user to build 0-64button intercom
Ulydor is ideal when used in blocks of apartments, or where there are different companies occupying different floors that require their own unique door entry solution. Whether used as a multiple solution or as an answer to single door entry the Ulydor is a reliable and cost efficient solution
The Ulydor Control Unit is provided in three variants and is equipped to provide two-way voice communications, electrical lock control and label lamps.
Ideal for:
Companies on separate floors
Entrance access to the users (or multiple users) telephone extension
Multiple apartments
Ideal for closed offices at night (i.e. 999 or general enquires)
Gate Entrance Personal Security
Works on any 2 wire telephone system
Weather proof
1-46 buttons
Provides – individual door access for staff
Remotely programmable

2N Door Entry Systems

2N Helios range of products offers intercoms for a variety of purposes. They are intended to provide maximum comfort and safety to residents and visitors to buildings. Communicators mediate communication with visitors to both households and workplaces and, if needed, they can guarantee a connection between a person in real need and the service they require.

Interquartz Door Phone Video Door Entry

The Interquartz ID Doorphone range combines robustness with a stylish, understated design and amazing value for money. Connection is via an analogue extension port and it is compatible with almost all makes of PBX and a wide variety of electronic locks. Configuring the ID range is easy using our free Windows software package and programming can even be carried out remotely utilising DTMF. In addition to the simplicity of programming and installation, the ID Doorphone is feature-packed, making it the perfect choice for a whole host of applications.

Door Entry System Accessories

Door Entry System Accessories 12V Locks, Exit Switches, Emergency Break Glass, PSUs

discountcomms |  Door Entry Systems Telephone / Intercom

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