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Credit Accounts are available for Corporate & Public Sector clients.

Headsets Amplifiers Office Call Centre Headsets

discountcomms |  Headsets Amplifiers Office Call Centre Headsets

JPL Headsets

Over 10 years association with the design and manufacture of professional and home use telephone headsets. Now providing more products at better prices than ever before, presenting a real alternative to the current brand leaders.JPL offers a comprehensive range of wired and wireless telephone headsets for all voice communications.
• Wireless headsets for use in the mobile and cordless environment.
• State of the art USB connected VOIP headsets for computer applications.
• Corded and cordless telephone headsets for home, office and call centres.
• Personal and business use.
Respond quickly to calls by eliminating any requirement to continually pick up and put down a telephone receiver. Improve call quality, productivity, customer satisfaction and staff welfare. For use in all office environments, call centres and home, including VOIP / USB computer users.

Radius Headsets

Very High Quality competition for the more established brands, but at extremely competitive prices

Agent Headsets & Accessories

Excellent quality at a lower cost the Agent range of Headsets offers excellent value for money!

Plantronics Office Call Centre Headsets

Plantronics Office and Call Centre Headsets, DECT CORDLESS_SUPRA _SUPRAPLUS_ DUOPRO _ ENCORE _ TRISTAR _ MIRAGE _ DUOSET _ POLARIS Monaural, Over the Ear, Binaural.
Headsets for Headset Phones will require the Connection Lead.

PC Headsets - Unified Communications Headsets - OCS / Lync Headsets

Plantronics GN Netcom Sennheiser Computer Headsets Stereo UC OCS LYNC PC USB Gaming Audio Headset DPS and Digital

Plantronics Headset Amplifiers and USB adaptors

Plantronics VistaPlus DM15 Headset Amplifier, Plantronics Vista MX10 Amplifier, Plantronics Vista M12 Headset Amplifier, Plantronics DA40 USB Adaptor, DA60 USB Adapter, Plantronics S12 with Duoset Firefly Headset. Plantronics E10, Plantronics W10. amps

JABRA / GN Netcom Office Headsets - Business Headsets

GN Netcom Office Headsets, Business Headsets. BT Meridian Norstar System Phone Headsets, GN Netcom Wireless Bluetooth Headsets, GN Netcom Ellipse Cordless Headset

Claria Headsets Amplifiers Claria Buddy,

Claria Headsets, Amplifiers Claria Buddy, Claria Headset Switch, Claria Comfort Claria Eco Claria Deluxe Claria Alert Claria Solo Claria Zenith
3 Year Replacement Warranty

Clement Clarke Headsets and Cordless Headset UK

Clement Clarke TC-1 Headset, Clement ClarkeTC-200 Headset, Clement Clarke Sonata Headset, Clement ClarkeTC-3000 Cordless Headset.

Doro - Qualis - Sennheiser Headsets - Amplifiers

Agent Headsets, Doro Comfort 11 Headset, Qualis Headsets, Sennheiser Headsets

Headset and Amplifier Bundle

GN Netcom - Plantronics

Headset Training Adaptors & Accessories

Headset training adaptors and accessories for various manufacturers headsets.

UC Headsets Unified Communications OCS Lync Computer Headsets

UC Headsets Unified Communications OCS Lync Computer Headsets

discountcomms |  Headsets Amplifiers Office Call Centre Headsets

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