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Alcatel Phone Systems

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Alcatel Mobile Reflex DECT Cordless 300 - 400 - 500 - 8232 - 3BN67302AA

3BN67302AA Alcatel Mobile Reflex Cordless DECT Handsets - DECT 300, DECT 400, DECT500 and new DECT 8232

Alcatel 8212 DECT Handsets & Accessories 3BN07005AA

3BN07005AA Alcatel DECT 8212 Handset with Charger and PSU

Alcatel 8232 DECT Handsets & Accessories

Alcatel 8232 DECT Handsets & Accessories
3BN67330AA, 3BN67331AA, 3BN67336AA, 3BN67337AA, 3BN67333AA, 3BN67334AA, 3BN67338AA, 3BN67339AA
The 8232 DECT Handset is designed to support DECT connectivity in TDM networks that use the 4070 Base Station
family, as well as IP networks deployed with 4080 IP-DECT AP. It offers the following features:
Full support of existing Alcatel-Lucent AGAP protocol and features on existing TDM infrastructures
Full support of existing Alcatel-Lucent AGAP protocol and features on IP-DECT infrastructures with
OmniPCX Enterprise
DECT security (authentication, encryption), Lightweight, ergonomic design and intuitive operation, Color display, backlight
Vibrate, Hands-free and mute, Headset jack 3.5mm, Loudspeaker/mute during call, Status LED (missed calls, battery status), Received messages audio notification, Green friendly: Economy mode with automatic low radio emission power (25 mW peak), Low power mode (50mW) for demanding environments such as nuclear facilities, Enhanced battery life
Communication server compatibility:
The 8232 DECT Handset will be supported by the following Communication Server releases:
OmniPCX Enterprise (OXE): R9.1 and above with TDM infrastructure - OmniPCX Enterprise (OXE): R10.1 and above with IP-DECT infrastructure - OmniPCX Office (OXO): R7.1.2 and above with TDM infrastructure - OnmiPCX Office (OXO): R9.0 and above with IP-DECT infrastructure (availability end 2012)

Alcatel 8242 DECT Handsets & Accessories

Alcatel 8242 DECT Handsets & Accessories 8242 DECT Handset 3BN67342AA, 82x2 DECT Handset Dual charger 3BN67341AA, 8242 DECT Handset vertical pouch 3BN67343AA, 8242 DECT Handset horizontal pouch 3BN67344AA
Alcatel-Lucent is pleased to announce the launch of the new, elegant 8242 DECT Handset introduced in the OpenTouch Suite for MLE catalog. The 8242 DECT Handset supports DECT connectivity in TDM networks that use 4070 Base Stations, as well as in IP networks deployed with 8340 IP-DECT Access Points. Its large color screen offers an outstanding user experience that leverages the richness of the Alcatel-Lucent telephony features through AGAP protocol on both TDM and IP-DECT infrastructures.
The 8242 DECT provides notification and location capabilities plus a one-button alarm function in addition to the advanced DECT features the Alcatel-Lucent 8232 offers. Consequently, the 8242 will meet the needs of hospitality, healthcare and any other professional environment The 8242 benefits from the 8232’s Eco system by using the same accessories including the new Dual Charger desktop product.
Release compatibility
OpenTouch Suite for MLE (OXE) R11.0.1 and above supports the new 8242 DECT Handset
The 8242 DECT handset will also be available for SMB market with OmniPCX Office RCE Release 10.x later on.

Alcatel 8262 DECT Handset & Accessories Alcatel-8262-DECT-Handset-3BN67345AA

Alcatel 8262 DECT Handset & Accessories 8262 DECT Handset 3BN67345AA, 8262 DECT Handset Dual charger 3BN67346AA, 8262 DECT WW PSU for 8262 Rack charger 3BN67353AA, 8262 DECT Handset Rack charger 3BN67351AA, 8262 DECT Handset spare pull cord (x2) 3BN67347AA, 8262 DECT Handset spare belt clip + swivel clip with cover 3BN67348AA, 8262 DECT Handset vertical pouch 3BN67352AA, 8262 DECT Handset Accessories kit 3BN67354AA

Alcatel 8262 DECT Handset
The Alcatel-Lucent 8262 DECT handset is the perfect communications companion for your
mobile workforce operating in demanding environments such as construction, manufacturing or
the oil and gas industry.
The 8262 DECT handset provides unparalleled robustness through 180 g (6.34 oz) of technology
packed into a ruggedized body and shock-proof screen that survive falls from 2.0 m (6.6 ft). The
specific shield and body grip make the 8262 DECT handset usable with gloves specific to your
industry: chemistry, construction or metallurgy.
The 8262 DECT handset implements a full set of Isolated Worker Protection services to
guarantee that lone workers are safe against incidents and accidents at the workplace. These
include man-down, no movement, pull cord, and emergency button.
Isolated Worker Protection is even better when augmented with device geo-location. For the
8262 DECT handset, we have chosen the smart way — low cost and high precision. The device
supports Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy technology, radio transmitters are disseminated throughout
the work yard, and intelligence is concentrated in the centralized management and supervision
Just like the 8242 DECT handset, the device for carpeted environments the 8262 DECT
handset offers useful features for challenging environments: large color screen for crystal-clear
readability, HD audio for superior sound quality, and Bluetooth technology for headset use.

Alcatel Digital Business Telephone Handsets

4004, 4010, 4020, 4035 - 4019, 4029, 4039, 8029, 8039

Alcatel IP Business Telephone Handsets

4008, 4018, 4028, 4038, 4068, 8068, 8038, 8028, 8029, 8039

Alcatel 4135 Compact Conferencing Module 3GV28132AA

The Alcatel-Lucent OmniTouch™ 4135 IP Conference Phone is a flexible, SIP-based unit. For companies that are accustomed to the benefits of IP voice services, it offers innovative new features for more efficient conference calls. Calls can be recorded and stored and the conference guide enables calls to pre-programmed groups. With expansion microphones, the OmniTouch 4135 IP Conference Phone is the business phone of
choice for large conferences.
• SIP connectivity enables connection to the Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX ™ Communication Server • SIP redundancy with Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX Enterprise Communication Server • Support for power over Ethernet (PoE) • Four simultaneous connections can be linked to create a five-way call • Up to four user profiles can be saved with settings and contact details • Call recording function on SD memory card enables meetings and file notes to be saved and transferred to a computer • Conference guide enables group calls – All participants in a group can be contacted at the same time with onebutton access. Up to 20 groups can be stored per profile. • LDAP client with direct access to directory thru dedicated key • Easy configuration with the Web interface – Settings can be imported and exported to other OmniTouch 4135 IP Conference Phones. • Expansion for large rooms – A combination of the unit’s omnidirectional microphone with directional microphones increases voice pickup from 30 m2 (320 ft2) to twice that. • Increases collaboration and enables creative exchanges with remote parties • Enables spontaneous group brainstorming and problem-solving sessions • Reduces travel and administration time and costs • Leverages the installed base of Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX Enterprise systems • Interoperability with survival router (embedded SIP Proxy) provide continuity of service with Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX Enterprise systems • Enables high-quality audio conferencing Physical characteristics • Diameter: 240 mm • Height: 77 mm • Weight: 1 kg (2.2 lb) • Color: Licorice (black) | Display • LCD, 128x64 pixels (5 in. x 2.5 in.) • Keypad: Alphanumeric 0–9, *, on, off, mute, hold, volume up,volume down • Five buttons for menu navigation, contacts (line), and conference guideAudio characteristics
• OmniSound®* 2.0 wideband technology • Microphone ¬ Omnidirectional ¬ Reception area: Up to 30 m2 (320 ft2) for more than 10 people in a room • Speakers ¬ Frequency range: 200 Hz to 7000 Hz ¬ Volume: Max 90 db SPL 0.5 m ¬ Equalizer: Soft, neutral, sharp • Codecs ¬ G722, G711 (A-law and Mu-law),G729ab • DTMF¬ In Band, via RTP, SIP info

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