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Credit Accounts are available for Corporate & Public Sector clients.

Business Telephones

discountcomms |  Business Telephones

Standard Business Telephones

Over 25 different models in the under £25 bracket!

Standard Business Telephones 25-50

Several Models to suit every business or home office application

Standard Business Telephones Over 50

Some very sophisticated models available here

VOIP Phones VOIP IP System Video Telephony

Polycom IP300 Two Line Desktop IP Phone, VOIP, ATL IP PBX 200 IP System, ATL IP300 S Voip Telephone ATL IP5000 VoIP Handset, ATL IP400 MoIP Videophone, BT 1000 Videophone, BT 2000 Videophone

Telephones with Headset Sockets

Compatible with the major headset manufacturers. Please check the products details section for each model

discountcomms |  Business Telephones

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