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Telephone Call Recording Devices

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Radius Call Assist SD Recorder Radius Call Assist SD Recorder

The Call Assistant SD call recorder offers a breakthrough in price-performance and functionality for professional Calll Recording Equipment. This Telephone Call Recorder is the perfect Phone Recording Device for anyone wanting to record telephone calls on a single line or multi-line telephone. It has many of the features available on advanced PC based systems and also allows you to transfer recordings to your PC for playback, archive and management at your convenience.
• Secure digital Phone Recording Device , up to 330 hours of Phone Call Recordings on a 2gb memory card.
• Caller ID, digits dialed, time, date, duration and comments stored.
• AC Power Adapter included.
• Auto start/stop record using line current detect or voice detect.
• Recorder Software for call search/playback and management on PC.
• The Call Assistant SD Telephone Recording Device connects directly to analog line or to digital/IP telephone handset cords.
• Built-in microphone for room/memo recording on the same Phone Call Recording Device.
• Large Backlit LCD displays all important call information and lists recent calls.
• Rapid search and playback controls.
• Playback Recording Calls via built-in speaker or headset socket for privacy (also via PC with Call Recorder Software supplied).
• Connect to PC via USB for easy call transfer

Download Quick Start Instruction Manual Here

Download Datasheet here
Price Ex. VAT: 105.03 (Excluding VAT at 20%)


Comvurgent Universal Adaptor 3.0 Phone Recorder Comvurgent Universal Adaptor 3.0 Phone Recorder
The Comvurgent Universal Adapter 3.0 Phone Recorder Device is the perfect entry level Phone Recording Device for desktop IP, Analog or Digital Phone Recorder applications. Although it's our basic Phone Conversation Recorder hardware model, it has many sophisticated features not available on other Phone Call Recorders. The Universal Adapter 3.0 Telephone Recording Device can connect directly onto any analog telephone line making a recording log of incoming callers and outgoing dialed calls. Universal Adapter 3.0 Desktop Recorders can also connect to any IP, digital or analog business telephone at the handset (curly cord)

Download Datasheet
Price Ex. VAT: 110.57 (Excluding VAT at 20%)


Comvurgent Intelligent IP Tap Comvurgent Intelligent IP Tap
he IP Tap provides a simple plug and play solution for recording desktop IP Telephones. Just connect to the IP Telephone line, connect to your desktop PC via USB and you have a powerful business recording tool right on your desktop. Integration with SIP phones, NEC IP Phones, Avaya IP Phones, Cisco IP Phones, SIP trunks and more. The IP Tap Phone Recorder comes complete with Desktop PC Phone Recording Software to make a complete Call Recording Solution to meet nearly any Phone Call Recording requirement.

Download Datasheet
Price Ex. VAT: 118.33 (Excluding VAT at 20%)


Retell Budget Call Recording Software LITE or PRO version Retell Budget Call Recording Software LITE or PRO version
Cost effective solution for recording a large volume of calls on single lines. The included software gives the User complete control and assists with recalling deals, agreements and instructions. Ideal for solicitors, stockbrokers, insurance and financial consultants, doctors, call centres and many more.
•Advance - supplied with sophisticated call recording connector, which works on all business handsets/headsets
•Pro - supplied with 157 Connector, compatible with most handsets/headsets with RJ11 plug
•Lite - As Pro, but software without automatic operation, compression and password protection

•Recording direct to PC hard disk
•Voice activated (VOX) and manual recording
•Recording capacity of up to 800 hours per Gb (PC CODEC dependent)
•Can be used with any telephone handset including digital (Advance only)
•Record to server for multi-desk applications
•Easy retrieval of recordings by time, date, call duration or attached notes including key word search
•Recording can be emailed
•Create individual files for special recordings
•Requires Pentium 120 processor and requires Windows 95, 98, 2000, ME and NT
•Free 30-day trial included
•Optional Data Integration Linc - links customer details to each recording
•Free unlimited help-desk support - Call 0871 872 4257

Download Datasheet Here
Total Price: 65.76 (Excluding VAT at 20%)



Comvurgent SD Secure Digital Telephone Call Recorder Comvurgent SD Secure Digital Telephone Call Recorder
The Comvurgent SD Secure Digital Telephone Call Recorder has been DISCONTINUED

This has been replaced by the Radius Call Assist SD Recorder
Price Ex. VAT: 114.95 (Excluding VAT at 20%)

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1. Radius Call Assist SD Recorder
Retell Ltd Intelligent Recording Interface Retell Ltd Intelligent Recording Interface
For use with any handset that unplugs (RJ11) and gives superior recording quality and excellent balance between parties. The Interface is included in the Retell Intelligent Call Recording Kit and Retell Advanced Call Recording Software, or for use with mono and stereo recorders or call recording software.
• Recording interface with superb sound reproduction
• 6 level selector
• Compatible with reverse wired handsets/headsets
• Overcomes problems with live headsets
• Automatic level control
• Lockable Mute with LED
• Power Supply Unit for call recorder
• Mixed mono output with control tone
• Ideal for 'agent obseve' or 'silent break in'
• Stereo output sockets
• Switchable VOX timeout

Price Ex. VAT: 78.56 (Excluding VAT at 20%)


Retell Ltd Advanced Call Recording Software Retell Ltd Advanced Call Recording Software
High quality digital recording direct to the individual's PC hard disk
• Compatible with all handsets that unplug (RJ11)
• Automatic voice activation (VOX) or manual recording
• Easy search by time, date call duration
• Add notes to each recording - search by key words
• Save recordings to individual named files
• Highly compressed files for up to 200hrs capacity per Gb
• Calls are encrypted
• Network ready - archive calls to a server for multi-desk applications
• Recorded calls can be emailed
• Connects easily via curly handset cord
• Supplied with intelligent recording interface for near perfect balanced recordings
• Windows 98, 00, ME, XP Vista compatible

Price Ex. VAT: 196.95 (Excluding VAT at 20%)


ReTell 120 Budget Analogue Call Recorder ReTell 120 Budget Analogue Call Recorder
EAN: 5021130001205
The Retell 120 multi-functional, automatic voice-activated telerecorder can be used on analogue sockets. Budget call recording for the home or small office for use in analogue sockets only. Comes with power supply and tape. Tape capacity for the recording of calls up to three hours in slow play position. Manual or automatic recording of telephone calls
• Records dictated notes & meetings
• Mains adaptor/battery powered
• Ideal for recording the home office phone as well as your ordinary home phone
• Records cordless home phones as well
• Manual or automatic voice activated recording
• 2 speeds to increase recording capacity (up to 3 hours recording time)
• Telephone recording connector included for connection to the telephone wall socket
• Record all extensions, whichever socket it is plugged into.
• Sensitive gain control produces excellent speech quality.
• Separate gain switch in battery compartment
• Records dictated notes & meetings
• Mains adaptor/battery powered

Price Ex. VAT: 41.06 (Excluding VAT at 20%)


discountcomms | Telerecorders and Dictation Machines |  Telephone Call Recording Devices

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