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Amplicom Powertel 680 DECT Combo with TAM

Amplicom Powertel 680 DECT Combo with TAM
Combination set comprising telephone with cord with integrated answering machine, plus cordless telephone and cordless alarm transmitter with emergency button. Both of these phones have outstanding amplification and features, as do all of the Amplicom range. They can amplify a telephone call up to a total of 35dB, hearing aid compatible and have an amplified ringer of 90dB.
Useful Features include:-
•3 individual audio profiles (tone and volume) configurable
• Call receiving volume adjustable on cordless handset and base station telephone up to max. -35 dB, volume amplification button on handset
• Hearing-aid compatible receipt on base station handset and cordless handset
• Call LED on handset, base station and cordless alarm transmitter to signal incoming calls
• Extra loud adjustable ringtone on base station, up to 90 dB
• Speakerphone volume on base station + cordless handset can be set extremely high
• Cordless handset and base station handset with tone control (high/low frequencies)
• Connector socket for headset and induction-based volume amplifier on base station and cordless handset
• Connector socket on base station for vibrating alarm transmitter
Price Ex. VAT: 149.95 (Excluding VAT at 20%)


Amplicom Powertel 680 DECT Combo with TAM

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